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here you can see my newest works i have added here, sadly it will take some time make new art but if you be patient you will see new art. to help me make new art
feel free give new ideas and make requests.


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i'm maybe known by many names but i'm just called as Mr.H or Hartherzig most of the time.
art you see me making is based on war,furries and ponies most of the time, i do draw also humans but rarely.
what i do hope is that you all are going to enjoy your stay while looking trough art ^^

did you know that i have been drawing my whole life from time i were born ?
of course my skills were at begin really poor, not even able color inside circle or draw stickman with straight lines.
even i was not good in drawing back then, i use to be one of the best in school's class i were in (tells a lot about class)

when i was growing up, i got more interested into art world and wanted practice more and more when then i came up with the name HARTHERZIG what started whole thing. i wont be telling full story but it was dark and sad times back then for me, my first character was anyway actually pervert katze instead actual Von ^^

Hunting For Pussies by VonHartherzig

when i made Von anyway after that, they got same looking design on them because of the uniforms.
there is anyway funniest part that in middle of the time pervert katze and Von, i made character based on me what turned later into Von because some personal reasons.

more of the history can be asked from me when ever you want but what comes on my art now ?
i have drawing tool to make digital art what i started by using mouse only and i have been working on traditional art my whole life, even used some coal and paints too. i'm not so good in painting and i made coal drawings look too much same as normal drawings (reason why i wont do those much) :P

mah by VonHartherzig:

even i do have real name and people who knows me in real life, call me as Nipa most time.
i do anyway prefer people call me as hartherzig, specially those who don't know me really.
to let people know finally my weird acting sometimes is that fact i have ASPERGER syndrome ._.
but i hope people are going to deal with it and not treat me like retard person because i'm not handicap or spycho murderer.


if you want see NSFW art, go into my another account what is in furaffinity…


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trust and love by VonHartherzig
Zoey is my special girl forever <3


Let There Be Light
this is a sketch i made in request of my own sweetheart :iconladyzoey: not what she asked really but something like that

idea is based on around roleplay what is set in wasteland, still leaving time to smile and be happy together 
i made a quick sketch based on S.T.A.L.K.E.R by using my own oc in the picture and some different background as well.
i have not used Jackal (bunny/rattlesnake) oc for long time because his original design was only for rp use
Bun Bun
i did not make anything special for easter but i made a quick bunny drawing 
bunnies are part of easter i guess ?

this is mine and made my be and used as a pose in wolfing with nickname Hartherzig


VonHartherzig has started a donation pool!
222 / 1,000
well hello there people who watch my profile and like my art
as new thing, i will be asking points from people if they want make request/commission
but i haven't made price on them yet so feel free look at my art gallery
so you can get clear picture from that what kind art i make

feel free to donate points for me for no reasons as well if you like my art
i would not mind about to get some support at all

i make SFW when also NSFW art but i expect people to understand that NSFW might be more expensive
i only make furries (cats,lynxies, randomly any other animals) and ponies (anthro and normal ones)
i can also make some random stuff sometimes but i hope you are fair and not make things too hard for me


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well hello there all of you who watch me or those who are new and have not seen my art before.

i have been wondering and asking myself again that do i really want make art anymore or at least for public share
there is also another thing to ask that what about traditional or digital art ?

even more people use digital art these days because it's easier,more advanced and looks better compared traditional art specially when small mistakes are easy to fix
so... i ask that should i stop doing traditonal and move to do digital art instead or do i stay in same old way, this far i have only done digitally some sketches mostly really

there is actually one digital work i worked on for while but i'm not always on the mood to continue on working on stuff, it have been sitting in my pc files for while 

what i want to know is that what people do think, i know all art is equal kinda... i mean, art is art but there is great difference between digital and traditional... 
one last option i have is to start painting again what i actually could do even i'm really bad in it 


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